Peter D'Eustachio

NYU School of Medicine, Department of Biochemistry
Authored Pathways (15/156)
Date Identifier Pathway Reference
2021-12-13 R-HSA-9759774 Diseases of mitochondrial beta oxidation BibTex
2021-07-09 R-HSA-9735804 Diseases of nucleotide metabolism BibTex
2021-07-02 R-HSA-9735786 Nucleotide catabolism defects BibTex
2021-07-02 R-HSA-9735763 Defective PNP disrupts phosphorolysis of (deoxy)guanosine and (deoxy)inosine BibTex
2021-07-02 R-HSA-9734207 Nucleotide salvage defects BibTex
2021-07-02 R-HSA-9734281 Defective HPRT1 disrupts guanine and hypoxanthine salvage BibTex
2021-07-02 R-HSA-9734735 Defective ADA disrupts (deoxy)adenosine deamination BibTex
2021-07-02 R-HSA-9734195 Defective APRT disrupts adenine salvage BibTex
2020-07-22 R-HSA-9694516 SARS-CoV-2 Infection BibTex
2020-01-06 R-HSA-9673163 Oleoyl-phe metabolism BibTex
2017-01-13 R-HSA-8955332 Carboxyterminal post-translational modifications of tubulin BibTex
2016-12-30 R-HSA-8953897 Cellular responses to stimuli BibTex
2016-12-29 R-HSA-8953854 Metabolism of RNA BibTex
2015-12-10 R-HSA-8848584 Wax and plasmalogen biosynthesis BibTex
2015-11-28 R-HSA-6814848 Glycerophospholipid catabolism BibTex
Authored Reactions (15/900)
Date Identifier Reaction Reference
2022-05-27 R-HSA-9792608 SLC35D2 exchanges UDP-D-glucose for UMP BibTex
2021-11-29 R-HSA-9759209 LRP2 binds extracellular TCN2:RCbl BibTex
2021-11-29 R-HSA-9759202 LRP2-mediated TCN2:RCbl uptake and delivery to lysosome BibTex
2021-11-29 R-HSA-9759206 ABCD4:LMBRD1 transports RCbl from lysosomal lumen to cytosol BibTex
2021-07-02 R-HSA-9735775 Defective PNP does not convert (deoxy)inosine to hypoxanthine and (deoxy)ribose BibTex
2021-07-02 R-HSA-9735789 Defective PNP does not convert (deoxy)guanosine to guanine and (deoxy)ribose BibTex
2021-07-02 R-HSA-9734745 Defective ADA does not deaminate (deoxy)adenosine BibTex
2021-07-02 R-HSA-9734193 Defective APRT does not convert adenine to AMP BibTex
2021-07-02 R-HSA-9734274 Defective HPRT1 does not convert guanine or hypoxanthine to GMP or IMP BibTex
2021-05-21 R-HSA-9731661 ADAL1 hydrolyzes N6-methyl-dAMP to dIMP and methylamine BibTex
2021-05-21 R-HSA-9731632 NUDT1 hydrolyzes N6-methyl-ATP to N6-methyl-AMP BibTex
2021-05-21 R-HSA-9731590 NUDT1 hydrolyzes O6-methyl-dGTP to O6-methyl-dGMP BibTex
2021-05-21 R-HSA-9731613 NUDT1 hydrolyzes N6-methyl-dATP to N6-methyl-dAMP BibTex
2021-05-18 R-HSA-9731228 NUDT1 hydrolyses 8-oxo-dATP to 8-oxo-dAMP BibTex
2021-04-15 R-HSA-9727347 XDH dehydrogenates hypoxanthine to form xanthine BibTex
Reviewed Pathways (15/300)
Date Identifier Pathway Reference
2022-01-05 R-HSA-9758274 Regulation of NF-kappa B signaling BibTex
2021-12-13 R-HSA-9759785 Diseases of propionyl-CoA catabolism BibTex
2021-09-23 R-HSA-9748784 Drug ADME BibTex
2021-08-18 R-HSA-9734009 Defective Intrinsic Pathway for Apoptosis BibTex
2021-02-25 R-HSA-9716542 Signaling by Rho GTPases, Miro GTPases and RHOBTB3 BibTex
2021-02-17 R-HSA-9710421 Defective pyroptosis BibTex
2021-02-17 R-HSA-5620971 Pyroptosis BibTex
2021-01-27 R-HSA-9692916 SARS-CoV-1 activates/modulates innate immune responses BibTex
2021-01-26 R-HSA-9709957 Sensory Perception BibTex
2021-01-26 R-HSA-9692914 SARS-CoV-1-host interactions BibTex
2021-01-26 R-HSA-9735871 SARS-CoV-1 targets host intracellular signalling and regulatory pathways BibTex
2021-01-26 R-HSA-9735869 SARS-CoV-1 modulates host translation machinery BibTex
2021-01-26 R-HSA-9692912 SARS-CoV-1 targets PDZ proteins in cell-cell junction BibTex
2021-01-26 R-HSA-9692913 SARS-CoV-1-mediated effects on programmed cell death BibTex
2020-11-11 R-HSA-9675135 Diseases of DNA repair BibTex
Reviewed Reactions (15/1,910)
Date Identifier Reaction Reference
2022-08-05 R-HSA-9793988 LUBAC ubiquitinates CFLAR at K351, K353 BibTex
2022-08-05 R-HSA-9794008 LUBAC binds CFLAR BibTex
2022-08-05 R-HSA-9793680 OPTN binds polyUb-RIPK1 within the TNFR1 complex BibTex
2022-08-05 R-HSA-9793679 LUBAC ubiquitinates RIPK1 at K627 BibTex
2022-01-05 R-HSA-9750942 USP14 deubiquitinates NLRC5 BibTex
2022-01-05 R-HSA-9750226 NLRC5 binds IKBKB and CHUK BibTex
2022-01-05 R-HSA-9750946 TRAF2,6 ubiquitinates NLRC5 BibTex
2022-01-05 R-HSA-9749464 TP53 binds the IKBIP gene promoter BibTex
2022-01-05 R-HSA-9749487 TP53 stimulates IKBIP gene expression BibTex
2022-01-05 R-HSA-9749494 IKBIP binds IKBKB and CHUK BibTex
2022-01-05 R-HSA-9761344 USP18 binds IKBKG within IKK complex BibTex
2022-01-05 R-HSA-9749505 LRRC14 binds IKBKB and CHUK BibTex
2022-01-05 R-HSA-9757954 N4BP1 binds IKBKG BibTex
2022-01-05 R-HSA-9749471 NLRX1 binds CHUK:IKBKB:IKBKG BibTex
2022-01-05 R-HSA-9757951 CASP8 cleaves N4BP1 at D424, D490 BibTex
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