Thawfeek Varusai

Authored Pathways (10/10)
Date Identifier Pathway Reference
2019-02-23 R-MMU-9645139 Stat5 Activation BibTex
2019-02-23 R-HSA-9645135 STAT5 Activation BibTex
2015-02-02 R-HSA-9612973 Autophagy BibTex
2019-02-21 R-HSA-9615710 Microautophagy BibTex
2019-02-21 R-HSA-9613829 Chaperone Mediated Autophagy BibTex
2019-02-21 R-HSA-9613354 Lipophagy BibTex
2017-08-08 R-HSA-9008059 Interleukin-37 signaling BibTex
2017-08-08 R-HSA-9007892 Interleukin-38 signaling BibTex
2017-07-27 R-HSA-8964616 G beta:gamma signalling through CDC42 BibTex
2017-07-27 R-HSA-8964315 G beta:gamma signalling through BTK BibTex
Authored Reactions (15/120)
Date Identifier Reaction Reference
2019-02-23 R-HSA-9645134 p-STAT5 dissociates from activator:STAT5 complex BibTex
2019-02-23 R-HSA-9645126 Activators bind STAT5 BibTex
2019-02-23 R-MMU-9645128 Activators bind Stat5 BibTex
2019-02-23 R-MMU-9645136 Activator phosphorylates Stat5 BibTex
2019-02-23 R-HSA-9645137 Activator phosphorylates STAT5 BibTex
2019-02-23 R-MMU-9606621 Gab2 in Active Flt3:Grb2:Gab2 is phosphorylated BibTex
2019-02-21 R-HSA-9631068 HSPA8:substrate binds late endosomal phospholipids BibTex
2019-02-21 R-HSA-9631065 Substrate translocates into late endosomal lumen BibTex
2019-02-21 R-HSA-9613352 PLINs bind HSPA8 BibTex
2019-02-21 R-HSA-9613513 PLINs:HSPA8 binds PRKAA2 BibTex
2019-02-21 R-HSA-9613530 PRKAA2 phosphorylates PLINs BibTex
2019-02-21 R-HSA-9613565 PRKAA2 dissociate from p-PLINs:HSPA8 BibTex
2019-02-21 R-HSA-9613666 p-PLINs translocate from lipid droplet surface to cytosol BibTex
2019-02-21 R-HSA-9615721 HSPA8 binds substrate BibTex
2019-02-21 R-HSA-9626235 HSPA8 dissociates from LAMP2a BibTex
Reviewed Reactions (1/1)
Date Identifier Reaction Reference
2009-06-03 R-HSA-9629675 PDE3A,3B hydrolyses cAMP to AMP BibTex