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Birgit Meldal

Reviewed Reactions (179)
Date Identifier Reaction Reference
2017-11-03 R-HSA-9009485 IL34:CSF1 binds CSF1R BibTex
2017-11-03 R-HSA-9009488 IL34 binds CSF1 BibTex
2017-11-03 R-HSA-9009554 IL34 dimer:SDC1 binds CSF1R BibTex
2017-11-03 R-HSA-9009558 IL34 dimer binds SDC1 BibTex
2017-11-03 R-HSA-8981657 IL34 dimer binds PTPRZ1 BibTex
2017-11-03 R-HSA-9006870 IL21 receptor STAT phosphorylation BibTex
2017-11-03 R-HSA-9006873 IL21 receptor STAT binding BibTex
2017-11-03 R-HSA-9006850 IL21 receptor JAK phosphorylation BibTex
2017-11-03 R-HSA-9006844 IL21:IL21R:JAK1 binds IL2RG:JAK3 BibTex
2017-11-03 R-HSA-9005980 IL21 binds IL21R:JAK1 BibTex
2017-02-28 R-HSA-8940100 CDK1 phosphorylates VCPIP1 BibTex
2016-09-14 R-HSA-8856157 LAG3 (CD233) binds MHC II BibTex
2016-09-14 R-HSA-8858500 CLEC10A binds Tn-MUC1 BibTex
2016-09-14 R-HSA-8867135 CEACAM1,3,5,6 bind opa proteins BibTex
2016-09-14 R-HSA-8867097 CD99 binds CD99L2 BibTex
2016-09-14 R-MMU-8867186 Cd99 binds Cd99l2 BibTex
2016-09-14 R-HSA-8867098 Glycophorins bind plasmodium falciparum Ags BibTex
2016-09-14 R-HSA-8858498 SL (surrogate light chain) binds IgH to form pre-BCR BibTex
2016-09-14 R-HSA-8858435 TSPAN7 binds PICK1 BibTex
2016-09-14 R-RNO-8858419 Tspan7 binds Pick1 BibTex
2016-09-14 R-HSA-8867240 EPCAM binds itself to form homotypic cell adhesion BibTex
2016-09-14 R-HSA-8870732 PSGs bind proteoglycans and TGF-beta1 BibTex
2016-09-14 R-HSA-8858428 FCAMR binds IgA BibTex
2016-09-05 R-HSA-8937654 IL10 positively regulates plasma membrane-associated inflammatory mediators BibTex
2016-09-05 R-HSA-6785047 IL10 positively regulates extracellular inflammatory mediators BibTex
2016-09-05 R-HSA-8937656 IL10 negatively regulates plasma membrane-associated inflammatory mediators BibTex
2016-09-05 R-HSA-6784160 IL10 negatively regulates extracellular inflammatory mediators BibTex
2016-09-05 R-HSA-6784763 p-Y705-STAT3 dimer translocates from cytosol to nucleoplasm BibTex
2016-09-05 R-HSA-6784765 p-Y705-STAT3 dimerizes BibTex
2016-09-05 R-HSA-6784791 p-Y705-STAT3 dissociates from IL10 dimer:2xp-Y-IL10RA:p-Y-JAK1:2xIL10RB:p-Y-TYK2:p-Y705-STAT3 BibTex
2016-09-05 R-HSA-6784006 STAT3 is phosphorylated by p-Y-JAK1,P-Y-TYK2 BibTex
2016-09-05 R-HSA-6784323 IL10 dimer:2xp-Y-IL10RA:p-Y-JAK1:2xIL10RB:p-Y-TYK2 binds STAT3 BibTex
2016-09-05 R-HSA-6784324 p-Y-JAK1,p-Y-TYK2 phosphorylate IL10RA BibTex
2016-09-05 R-HSA-6784319 JAK1,TYK2 phosphorylate JAK1,TYK2 BibTex
2016-09-05 R-HSA-449811 IL10 dimer:2xIL10RA1:JAK1 binds IL10RB:TYK2 BibTex
2016-09-05 R-HSA-449803 IL10 dimer binds IL10RA:JAK1 BibTex
2016-09-05 R-HSA-449855 IL10 dimerizes BibTex
2016-05-16 R-HSA-8873946 OTUD3 deubiquitinates PTEN BibTex
2016-05-16 R-HSA-5690827 TNFAIP3 (A20) ubiquitinates RIPK1 BibTex
2016-05-16 R-HSA-5690856 TNFAIP3 (A20) deubiquitinates K63polyUb-RIPK1 BibTex
2016-05-16 R-HSA-8865182 OTUD7A hydrolyses K11diUb BibTex
2016-05-16 R-HSA-5690843 OTUB1, (OTUB2) binds RNF128, TRAF3, TRAF6, RHOA BibTex
2016-05-16 R-HSA-5690845 TNIPs bind TNFAIP3 (A20) BibTex
2016-05-16 R-HSA-6781953 YOD1 binds VCP BibTex
2016-05-16 R-HSA-8869506 TNFAIP3 in OTUD7B:TNFAIP3:ZRANB1 deubiquitinates K63polyUb-TRAF6 BibTex
2016-05-16 R-HSA-6783238 OTUB1,(OTUB2) binds TP53, UBE2D1, ESR1 BibTex
2016-05-16 R-HSA-5690870 OTUD7B,TNFAIP3 deubiquitinate TRAF6 BibTex
2016-05-16 R-HSA-5696872 USP30 deubiquitinates Ub-MOM proteins BibTex
2016-05-16 R-HSA-5690152 USP5 cleaves polyubiquitin BibTex
2016-05-16 R-HSA-6782106 USP10 deubiquitinates SNX3, CFTR BibTex
2016-05-16 R-HSA-5690157 USP16,USP21 deubiquitinate Histone H2A BibTex
2016-05-16 R-HSA-5690159 USP21 deubiquitinates RIPK1,DDX58 BibTex
2016-05-16 R-HSA-5690080 USP3,SAGA deubiquitinate Histone H2A,H2B BibTex
2016-05-16 R-HSA-6781779 USP13 deubiquitinates BECN1,USP10 BibTex
2016-05-16 R-HSA-5696997 USP24 deubiquitinates DDB2 BibTex
2016-05-16 R-HSA-8862184 USP48 cleaves polyubiquitin BibTex
2016-05-16 R-HSA-6783177 USP21 deubiquitinates GATA3,IL33 BibTex
2016-05-16 R-HSA-6781897 USP11 deubiquitinates NFKBIA BibTex
2016-05-16 R-HSA-6781899 USP13 binds SIAH2 BibTex
2016-05-16 R-HSA-5696958 USP44 deubiquitinates CDC20 BibTex
2016-05-16 R-HSA-6781905 ZRANB1 binds APC BibTex
2016-05-16 R-HSA-5690808 UCHL3, SENP8 cleave NEDD8 BibTex
2016-05-16 R-HSA-5689111 PARK2 autoubiquitinates BibTex
2016-05-16 R-HSA-5689085 ATXN3 binds polyUb-PARK2 BibTex
2016-05-16 R-HSA-5688837 ATXN3 deubiquitinates polyUb-PARK2 BibTex
2016-05-16 R-HSA-5688786 ATXN3 binds RAD23 BibTex
2016-05-16 R-HSA-5688834 ATXN3 binds VCP BibTex
2016-05-16 R-HSA-5688797 ATXN3 family cleave Ub chains BibTex
2016-05-16 R-HSA-5690790 Histone H2A is dubiquitinated by the PR-DUB complex BibTex
2016-05-16 R-HSA-5690785 BAP1 binds Ub-HCFC1 BibTex
2016-05-16 R-HSA-5690759 BAP1:Ub-HCFC1 deubiquitinates BAP1:Ub-HCFC1 BibTex
2016-05-16 R-HSA-5689649 BAP1 binds BRCA1:BARD1 BibTex
2016-05-16 R-HSA-5665871 ADRM1 binds 26S proteasome BibTex
2016-05-16 R-HSA-5665854 ADRM1:26S proteaseome binds UCHL5 BibTex
2016-05-16 R-HSA-5689630 BAP1 binds BAP1-interacting complex BibTex
2016-05-16 R-HSA-5690319 UCHL1, UCHL3 cleave ubiquitin adducts BibTex
2016-05-16 R-HSA-5689544 UCHL5 binds INO80 complex BibTex
2016-05-16 R-HSA-5691431 PSMD14 cleaves K63-linked ubiquitin BibTex
2016-05-16 R-HSA-5691381 MYSM1 deubiquitinates Histone H2A BibTex
2016-05-16 R-HSA-5693061 STAMBP binds STAM BibTex
2016-05-16 R-HSA-5691411 BRCA1-A complex deubiquitinates K63polyUb-histone H2A BibTex
2016-05-16 R-HSA-5696547 STAMBPL1 is a deubiquitinase BibTex
2016-05-16 R-HSA-5691439 BRISC complex deubiquitinates NLRP3 BibTex
2016-05-16 R-HSA-5696534 USP18 deubiquitinates TAK1:TAB1 BibTex
2016-05-16 R-HSA-5690196 USP8 deubiquitinates RNF128 BibTex
2016-05-16 R-HSA-6781797 USP19 binds HIF1A,BIRC2,BIRC3 BibTex
2016-05-16 R-HSA-6782628 USP8 deubiquitinates STAM2:HGS BibTex
2016-05-16 R-HSA-6782820 USP17 deubiquitinates SUDS3 BibTex
2016-05-16 R-HSA-5696914 USP28 deubiquitinates CLSPN and MYC BibTex
2016-05-16 R-HSA-6781922 USP13 binds UFD1L:SKP2 BibTex
2016-05-16 R-HSA-5689950 USP7 deubiquitinates TP53,MDM2,MDM4,FOXO4, PTEN BibTex
2016-05-16 R-HSA-5696605 USP12, USP26 deubiquitinate AR BibTex
2016-05-16 R-HSA-5696600 USP17 deubiquitinates RCE1, CDC25A, DDX58, IFIH1 BibTex
2016-05-16 R-HSA-6781814 USP19 deubiquitinates RNF123 BibTex
2016-05-16 R-HSA-5689539 ADRM1:26S proteaseome binds USP14 BibTex
2016-05-16 R-HSA-5696960 USP49 deubiquitinates H2B BibTex
2016-05-16 R-HSA-8869456 USP4 deubiquitinate TRAF2,TRAF6 BibTex
2016-05-16 R-HSA-5696968 USP20, USP33 deubiquitinate ADRB2 BibTex
2016-05-16 R-HSA-5696564 USP25 deubiquitinates DDX58 BibTex
2016-05-16 R-HSA-5689973 USP10,USP24,USP42 deubiquitinate TP53 BibTex
2016-05-16 R-HSA-6781764 USP15 deubiquitinates SMAD1,SMAD2,SMAD3, SMAD7:SMURF,KEAP1 BibTex
2016-05-16 R-HSA-5696627 CYLD deubiquitinates K63polyUb-TRAF2,K63polyUb-TRAF6,K63polyUb-RIPK1,K63polyUb-IKBKG BibTex
2016-05-16 R-HSA-5696947 USP47 deubiquitinates POLB BibTex
2016-05-16 R-HSA-5696945 USP33 deubiquitinates CCP110,ARRB BibTex
2016-05-16 R-HSA-5697009 USP37:RUVLB1:PSMC5 deubiquitinates CCNA1,CCNA2 BibTex
2016-02-17 R-HSA-8856398 NPTN binds GABA A receptors BibTex
2016-02-17 R-RNO-8856390 Nptn binds 2xGabra1,2xGabrb2,Gabrg2:GABA BibTex
2016-01-28 R-HSA-447246 IL17RA and IL17RC bind IL17A dimer,IL17F dimer,IL17A:IL17F BibTex
2016-01-28 R-HSA-5678544 IL17RA:IL17RE binds IL17C dimer BibTex
2016-01-28 R-HSA-447219 IL17RA and IL17RB bind IL25 dimer BibTex
2016-01-28 R-HSA-447130 Interleukin-23 binds interleukin-23 receptor BibTex
2016-01-28 R-HSA-447226 Interleukin-12 binds Interleukin-12 receptor BibTex
2016-01-28 R-HSA-447252 IL12RB1:TYK2 binds IL12RB2:JAK2 BibTex
2016-01-28 R-HSA-449818 IL13 binds IL13RA2 BibTex
2016-01-28 R-HSA-448708 IL24 binds to IL22RA1:JAK1:IL20RB BibTex
2016-01-28 R-HSA-8987015 IL20 binds IL20RA:JAK1:IL20RB BibTex
2016-01-28 R-HSA-8986972 IL24 binds IL20RA:JAK1:IL20RB BibTex
2016-01-28 R-HSA-6786789 FLT3LG dimer binds FLT3 BibTex
2016-01-28 R-HSA-8854736 FLT3LG dimer:FLT3 binds FLT3 BibTex
2016-01-28 R-HSA-451895 IL2RG binds JAK3 BibTex
2016-01-28 R-HSA-449115 IL15:IL15RA binds IL2RB:JAK1 and IL2RG:JAK3 BibTex
2016-01-28 R-HSA-448632 IL34 dimerizes BibTex
2016-01-28 R-HSA-6787820 IL34 dimer binds CSF1R BibTex
2016-01-28 R-HSA-449117 TXLNA (IL14) binds syntaxin1A BibTex
2016-01-28 R-HSA-9014074 TXLNA (IL14) binds syntaxin4 BibTex
2016-01-28 R-HSA-449087 CD4 binds Interleukin-16 BibTex
2016-01-28 R-HSA-9014052 TXLNA (IL14) binds syntaxin3 BibTex
2016-01-28 R-HSA-449073 Caspase-3 cleaves pro-interleukin-16 BibTex
2016-01-28 R-HSA-449077 Interleukin-16 is secreted BibTex
2016-01-28 R-HSA-448591 Interleukin-32 binds proteinase-3 BibTex
2016-01-28 R-HSA-448661 IFNL1 binds IL10RB:TYK2 and IFNLR1:JAK1 BibTex
2016-01-28 R-HSA-6787737 CSF3R binds CSF3 dimer BibTex
2016-01-28 R-HSA-8854738 CSF3 dimer:CSFR binds CSFR BibTex
2016-01-28 R-HSA-448629 IL33 binds IL1RL1 BibTex
2016-01-28 R-HSA-448603 IL33:IL1RL1 binds IL1RAP-1 BibTex
2016-01-28 R-HSA-8848335 IL37 binds IL18R1 BibTex
2016-01-28 R-HSA-8848316 IL36 binds IL1RL2 BibTex
2016-01-28 R-HSA-8848314 IL36:IL1RL2 binds IL1RAP-1 BibTex
2016-01-28 R-HSA-8848370 IL18 binds IL18R1 BibTex
2016-01-28 R-HSA-8848395 IL18:IL18R1 binds IL18RAP BibTex
2016-01-28 R-HSA-8848392 IL18BP binds IL18 BibTex
2016-01-28 R-HSA-448660 IL31:IL31RA:JAK1 binds OSMR:JAK1 BibTex
2016-01-28 R-HSA-9011748 IL9R binds JAK1 BibTex
2016-01-28 R-HSA-8963734 IL9 binds IL9R:JAK1 and IL2RG:JAK3 BibTex
2016-01-28 R-HSA-8985914 IL9:IL9R:JAK1:IL2RG:JAK3 phosphorylates JAK3 BibTex
2016-01-28 R-HSA-8985973 IL9R is phosphorylated by IL9:IL9R:JAK1:IL2RG:p-Y904,939-JAK3 BibTex
2016-01-28 R-HSA-8985929 IL9:p-Y116-IL9R:JAK1:IL2RG:p-904,939-JAK3 binds STAT1, STAT3, STAT5A or STAT5B BibTex
2016-01-28 R-HSA-8985988 IL9:p-Y116-IL9R:JAK1:IL2RG:p-904,939-JAK3:STAT3 phosphorylates STAT1, STAT3 or STAT5 BibTex
2016-01-28 R-HSA-8985900 p-Y701-STAT1, p-Y705-STAT3, p-Y649-STAT5 dissociates from IL9:p-Y116-IL9R:JAK1:IL2RG:p-904,939-JAK3:p-Y705-STAT3 BibTex
2016-01-28 R-HSA-8985943 p-Y701-STAT1 dimerizes BibTex
2016-01-28 R-HSA-8985950 p-Y649-STAT5A, p-STAT5B dimerizes BibTex
2016-01-28 R-HSA-8985966 p-Y701-STAT1 binds p-Y705-STAT3 BibTex
2016-01-28 R-HSA-8985981 p-Y701-STAT1:p-Y705-STAT3 translocates from the cytosol to the nucleus BibTex
2016-01-28 R-HSA-448744 IL20RA binds IL20RB BibTex
2016-01-28 R-HSA-448728 IL19 binds IL20RA:JAK1:IL20RB BibTex
2016-01-28 R-HSA-448741 IL22RA2 binds IL22 BibTex
2016-01-28 R-HSA-448480 IL22 binds IL22RA1:JAK1 receptor complex BibTex
2016-01-28 R-HSA-8854645 IL22:IL22RA1:JAK1 binds IL10RB:TYK2 BibTex
2015-10-05 R-HSA-5676940 MSRA reduces L-methyl-(S)-S-oxide to L-Methionine BibTex
2015-10-05 R-HSA-5676926 Methionine sulfoxide is oxidised to methionine sulfone BibTex
2015-10-05 R-HSA-5685345 Formation of isoAsp BibTex
2015-10-05 R-HSA-5687520 MetAsp transforms to L-Asp,isoAsp BibTex
2015-10-05 R-HSA-5676917 MRSBs reduce L-methyl-(R)-S-oxide to L-methionine BibTex
2015-10-05 R-HSA-5676912 Methionine is oxidised to methionine sulfoxide BibTex
2015-10-05 R-HSA-5676966 PCMT1 transfers CH3 from AdoMet to isoAsp to form MetAsp BibTex
2015-10-01 R-HSA-6799196 The MCIA complex, NDUFAF2-7 all dissociate from the 980kDa complex, resulting in Complex I BibTex
2015-10-01 R-HSA-6799179 Peripheral arm subunits bind the 815kDa complex to form a 980kDa complex BibTex
2015-10-01 R-HSA-6799197 ND4, ND5 bind the 550kDa complex to form the 815kDa complex BibTex
2015-10-01 R-HSA-6799202 The 315kDa subcomplex binds the 370kDa subcomplex to form the 550kDa complex BibTex
2015-10-01 R-HSA-6799199 COA1:MT-ND2, TMEM186:MT-ND3, MT-ND6, NDUFB6 bind the MCIA complex to form a 370kDa subcomplex BibTex
2015-10-01 R-HSA-6799191 Intermediate 2 binds MT-ND1:NDUFAF5:NDUFAF6 to form a 315kDa subcomplex BibTex
2015-10-01 R-HSA-6799178 Intermediate 1 binds HP subcomplex to form Intermediate 2 BibTex
2015-10-01 R-HSA-6799203 IP subcomplex binds NDUFAF3, NDUFAF4, TIMMDC1 to form Intermediate 1 BibTex
2015-10-01 R-HSA-6800868 NDUF subunits bind to form the IP subcomplex BibTex
2015-10-01 R-HSA-6800870 NDUF subunits bind to form the FP subcomplex BibTex
2015-10-01 R-HSA-6788523 NUBPL transfers 4Fe-4S to Complex I subunits BibTex
2015-10-01 R-HSA-6788556 NUBPL transfers 4Fe-4S to NDUFV1, V2 BibTex
2015-10-01 R-HSA-5690023 NUBPL binds 4Fe-4S BibTex
2015-07-15 R-HSA-3247569 PADI4 deiminates Histones BibTex
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