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Geeta Joshi-Tope

Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory
Authored Reactions (11)
Date Identifier Reaction Reference
2005-02-17 R-HSA-159101 NXF1:NXT1 (TAP:p15) binds capped mRNA:CBC:EJC:TREX (minus DDX39B) BibTex
2003-10-28 R-HSA-75081 Formation of AT-AC B Complex BibTex
2003-10-28 R-HSA-75080 Formation of AT-AC A complex BibTex
2003-10-23 R-HSA-75872 acetyl-CoA + 7 malonyl-CoA + 14 NADHP + 14 H+ => palmitate + 7 CO2 + 14 NADP+ + 8 CoASH + 6 H2O BibTex
2003-07-14 R-HSA-5690988 3'-incision of DNA by ERCC5 (XPG) in GG-NER BibTex
2003-07-14 R-HSA-5690990 5'- incision of DNA by ERCC1:ERCC4 in GG-NER BibTex
2003-07-14 R-HSA-5689317 Formation of the pre-incision complex in GG-NER BibTex
2003-07-14 R-HSA-5690996 ERCC2 and ERCC3 DNA helicases form an open bubble structure in damaged DNA BibTex
2003-07-14 R-HSA-5689861 Recruitment of XPA and release of CAK BibTex
2003-07-14 R-HSA-5691000 TFIIH binds GG-NER site to form a verification complex BibTex
2003-06-12 R-HSA-69199 Dephosphorylation of Cyclin E:Cdk2 complexes by Cdc25A BibTex
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