Johanna Napetschnig

Weill Cornell Medical College
Reviewed Pathways (4/4)
Date Identifier Pathway Reference
2010-02-28 R-HSA-445989 TAK1 activates NFkB by phosphorylation and activation of IKKs complex BibTex
2010-11-30 R-HSA-937042 IRAK2 mediated activation of TAK1 complex BibTex
2010-11-30 R-HSA-937039 IRAK1 recruits IKK complex BibTex
2006-04-24 R-HSA-166058 MyD88:MAL(TIRAP) cascade initiated on plasma membrane BibTex
Reviewed Reactions (15/29)
Date Identifier Reaction Reference
2011-04-28 R-HSA-168184 Activated TAK1 mediates phosphorylation of the IKK Complex BibTex
2010-11-30 R-HSA-936991 Auto phosphorylation of TAK1 bound to p-IRAK2:pUb oligo-TRAF6: free K63 pUb:TAB1:TAB2/TAB3 BibTex
2010-11-30 R-HSA-936960 Activated TRAF6:p-IRAK2 interacts with TAK1 complex BibTex
2010-11-30 R-HSA-936942 Auto ubiquitination of oligo-TRAF6 bound to p-IRAK2 BibTex
2010-11-30 R-HSA-936963 IRAK2 induces TRAF6 oligomerization BibTex
2006-04-24 R-HSA-166362 Dissociation of hp-IRAK1:TRAF6 from the activated TLR:oligo-Myd88:TIRAP:p-IRAK4 complex BibTex
2006-04-24 R-HSA-166363 TRAF6 binds to hp- IRAK1 BibTex
2006-04-24 R-HSA-166286 Multiple IRAK1 autophosphorylation steps BibTex
2006-04-24 R-HSA-166284 Second phosphorylation of IRAK1 by IRAK4 bound to activated TLR:MyD88:TIRAP BibTex
2006-04-24 R-HSA-166119 First phosphorylation of IRAK1 by IRAK4 bound to activated TLR:MyD88:Mal BibTex
2006-04-24 R-HSA-166091 IRAK1 or IRAK2 binds to the activated IRAK4 :activated TLR:MyD88:TIRAP complex BibTex
2010-11-30 R-HSA-937022 IRAK4 autophosphorylation in the complex with activated TLR:MyD88:TIRAP BibTex
2006-04-24 R-HSA-166082 IRAK4 binds to the activated TLR receptor:TIRAP:MyD88 complex BibTex
2010-11-30 R-HSA-937079 MyD88 oligomerization within the complex of activated TLR:TIRAP:MyD88 BibTex
2006-04-24 R-HSA-166072 MyD88 forms a complex with TIRAP:activated TLR2/4 BibTex
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