Lei He

Reviewed Pathways (15/35)
Date Identifier Pathway Reference
2013-07-16 R-HSA-3295583 TRP channels BibTex
2013-01-28 R-HSA-2672351 Stimuli-sensing channels BibTex
2010-11-15 R-HSA-983712 Ion channel transport BibTex
2010-11-15 R-HSA-936837 Ion transport by P-type ATPases BibTex
2010-07-07 R-HSA-879518 Transport of organic anions BibTex
2010-07-07 R-HSA-804914 Transport of fatty acids BibTex
2010-05-10 R-HSA-425397 Transport of vitamins, nucleosides, and related molecules BibTex
2010-05-10 R-HSA-83936 Transport of nucleosides and free purine and pyrimidine bases across the plasma membrane BibTex
2010-05-10 R-HSA-727802 Transport of nucleotide sugars BibTex
2010-05-10 R-HSA-549132 Organic cation/anion/zwitterion transport BibTex
2010-05-10 R-HSA-561048 Organic anion transport BibTex
2010-05-10 R-HSA-549127 Organic cation transport BibTex
2009-11-12 R-HSA-442660 Na+/Cl- dependent neurotransmitter transporters BibTex
2009-11-12 R-HSA-425410 Metal ion SLC transporters BibTex
2009-11-12 R-HSA-435354 Zinc transporters BibTex
Reviewed Reactions (15/170)
Date Identifier Reaction Reference
2013-07-16 R-HSA-3295579 TRPs transport extracellular Ca2+ to cytosol BibTex
2013-07-16 R-HSA-3295580 TRPM4,5 transport extracellular Na+ to cytosol BibTex
2013-01-28 R-HSA-2855020 RYR tetramers transport Ca2+ from sarcoplasmic reticulum lumen to cytosol BibTex
2013-01-28 R-HSA-2744361 BESTs transport cytosolic Cl- to extracellular region BibTex
2013-01-28 R-HSA-2730664 UNC79:UNC80:NALCN transports cytosolic Na+ to extracellular region BibTex
2013-01-28 R-HSA-2889070 SLC9B2 exchanges Na+, Li+ for H+ BibTex
2013-01-28 R-HSA-2872463 SLC9C1 exchanges Na+ for H+ BibTex
2013-01-28 R-MMU-2872452 Slc9c1 exchanges Na+ for H+ BibTex
2013-01-28 R-HSA-2671885 ASIC trimers:H+ transport extracellular Na+ to cytosol BibTex
2013-01-28 R-HSA-9650165 ASIC trimers bind H+ BibTex
2013-01-28 R-HSA-2682349 RAF1:SGK:TSC22D3:WPP ubiquitinates SCNN channels BibTex
2013-01-28 R-HSA-2672334 SCNN channels transport extracellular Na+ to cytosol BibTex
2013-01-28 R-HSA-2730959 CLCN7:OSTM1 exchanges Cl- for H+ BibTex
2013-01-28 R-HSA-2685505 TPCN1/2 transport lysosomal Ca2+ to cytosol BibTex
2013-01-28 R-HSA-2752067 BESTs transport cytosolic HCO3- to extracellular region BibTex