Download Reactome data and code

The Reactome website can be installed locally on Debian or Ubuntu Linux:

The website code can be downloaded as:

MySQL dumps of Reactome databases can be downloaded as:

Identifier mapping files:

For more information on these mapping files, please refer to the README file

Interaction data files:

Released functional interactions (FIs) are listed here. For details about FIs, please see Wu G, Feng X, Stein L. To use these FI networks, please try our FI Cytoscape PlugIn.

Other narrower datasets and download formats are also available:

The complete Reactome textbook of biological pathways and processes can be downloaded in:

Note: RTF files may be very large, but conversion to PDF or Word generates a file that is much smaller with no loss of information.

Curation Tools:

Two Java tools are available for Reactome data entry. The Author tool is designed for biologists to input data into Reactome, while the Curator tool is meant for use by curators to annotate biological pathways based on the Reactome schema. N.B. these tools will only work with a database using our internal database format, the database available from this web page will not work with them. Click on the help link at the top of this page to request a copy of our internal database.

Web Services:

A SOAP based Web Services API is available to access the Reactome data. For details about this API, please follow the following links:

A RESTful API is available too to access the Reactome data. The RESTful API has been moved from to for better performance. For details about this API, please see this document: Reactome RESTful API.