Reactome: A Curated Pathway Database
The EBI data centre will be shutting down from the afternoon (BST) of Friday 26th August until the afternoon of Tuesday 30th August 2016 for essential maintenance. This might have an impact on some Reactome services and we apologize for any inconvenience.


The Reactome database embodies a reductionist data model, which asserts that all of biology can be represented as events located in subcellular compartments that convert input physical entities into output physical entities. Information is stored as a generic and qualitative parts list. Further information can also be found here about our contributors (authors, curators and reviewers) to the Reactome database and editorial content.

Table of Contents lists the human pathways contained in Reactome, our contributors (curators, authors and reviewers), and release dates of the pathway records.

DOIs or Digital Object Identifiers provides a technical and social infrastructure for researchers to track Reactome pathway contributions.

Data Schema describes in a formal language, the structure of the Reactome database.

Editorial Calendar lists our plans for future pathway content expansion and archives the previous curation efforts of the Reactome team.

Statistics displays the statistics relating to the current pathway, reaction, protein, complex and ortholog content of Reactome.

ORCID Integration Project describes our efforts to incorporate the ORCID iD system into Reactome.