Reactome: A Curated Pathway Database

Referencing Reactome Publications

The following are examples that can be used to cite Reactome.

To cite the Reactome project:
Please cite the two recent Reactome publications: Croft et al. 2013 and Milacic et al. 2012.

To cite a Reactome pathway:
Please use the appropriate DOI from the Table of Contents

To cite Reactome files obtained via the World Wide Web:
Reactome project. “Reactome” (date of message or visit).

To cite Reactome files available for download:
Reactome project. “Reactome” (date of access).

When citing information obtained in a search of Reactome it should be remembered that while Reactome strives to contain the most current and accurate data, Reactome should not be used in citations where other primary sources of information are available.

If you would like to review a list of papers that cite one or more of the Reactome publications, please follow this link.