Reactome: A Curated Pathway Database

Linking to Reactome

Linking to Reactome can be achieved by creating URLs containing the name of and an identifier from an “external” database in the following format:

Click here to see the external databases and list identifiers available in the current release of Reactome

Below are few concrete examples

  • UniProt accession numbers (the ‘AC’ line, preferred) and identifiers (the ‘ID’ line), e.g. UNIPROT:P30304

  • ChEBI identifiers, e.g. CHEBI:15422

  • COMPOUND identifiers, e.g. COMPOUND:C00002

  • Gene Ontology (GO) accession numbers, e.g. GO:0030060

  • Enzyme Classification (EC) numbers, e.g. EC:

  • Entrez Gene, e.g. Entrez Gene:4171

  • Reactome, e.g. Reactome:REACT_1