nascent Spike [endoplasmic reticulum lumen]

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Severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2
Locations in the PathwayBrowser for interactor UniProt:Q8IUN9 CLEC10A
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Gene Names
S, 2
signal peptide:1-12, chain:13-1273, chain:13-685, chain:686-1273, chain:816-1273
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Name Identifier Synonyms
COVID-19 DOID:0080600 2019 Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV), Wuhan seafood market pneumonia virus infection, 2019-nCoV infection, Wuhan coronavirus infection
Cross References
7A5R, 7KXK, 7CN9, 7DPM, 7L5B, 7JVC, 6YM0, 7C8J, 7DK7, 7BYR, 7C2L, 7CHC, 6ZOW, 6ZP1, 7LD1, 6ZDG, 7L02, 7KSG, 7CM4, 7K8Y, 7A95, 6X2C, 7CAK, 6LVN, 7KN6, 6ZLR, 7DMU, 7ND9, 6XC4, 7JMP, 7A98, 7C01, 7KEC, 7KLW, 7BEH, 7KGK, 6XS6, 7A5S, 7DK3, 7CDI, 7KKL, 6ZER, 7KDG, 7KJ2, 7DCC, 7BEL, 7KMB, 7BZ5, 7L7F, 6WPS, 6M0J, 7L06, 7JZN, 7KML, 7KDL, 6XEY, 6ZHD, 7DF3, 6ZDH, 7L7K, 7K43, 7ND5, 6YOR, 6LXT, 7JV2, 7CWN, 7CAN, 7NDA, 6XE1, 6XM0, 6X79, 7C8D, 6ZGI, 7KXJ, 6VXX, 7BEJ, 7CHB, 7DK6, 7KMI, 7K8T, 7CHH, 7KJ5, 6Z43, 7KS9, 7BEP, 6XKQ, 7LCN, 7ND3, 6YZ5, 6X2A, 7KLH, 7L2C, 7KN5, 7CAI, 7KE7, 7A97, 7ND8, 7CWL, 7BWJ, 7B17, 7KGJ, 7DDN, 7BEK, 7A29, 7KKK, 7D30, 7JVB, 7KNI, 6ZCZ, 7CJF, 7KDK, 6ZP0, 6ZH9, 6VYB, 7JJJ, 7JZM, 7KMK, 7L3N, 7A4N, 7K8X, 6X2B, 6YZ7, 7A94, 7NEH, 6XDG, 7KE8, 7ND4, 6XC3, 7CWM, 7DDD, 7JMO, 6X6P, 6YLA, 7CT5, 6XLU, 6ZGG, 7NDC, 7JWY, 7BEI, 6XM5, 7KNE, 6ZB5, 7DK5, 7K9Z, 7KMH, 7C8W, 6XKP, 7K8V, 6X29, 6ZP7, 6XF6, 7CAC, 7KE6, 7DD2, 6XR8, 7A92, 7KMZ, 6ZXN, 7A96, 7CH4, 7ND7, 7CWS, 6ZGE, 7JV6, 7NDD, 6VW1, 7KNH, 7JX3, 7A25, 7CWU, 7JJI, 7JVA, 7LOP, 6XCN, 7KJ4, 7KDJ, 7BEO, 6VSB, 7D2Z, 7CHF, 7K8S, 6ZOZ, 7K8W, 7JZL, 7DD8, 6ZBP, 7A93, 6Z2M, 7KLG, 7CAH, 6XRA, 6XC2, 6Z97, 7KEB, 7CH5, 7L0N, 6XM3, 7NDB, 6ZB4, 7CDJ, 7KDH, 6XCM, 6XKL, 7BEM, 6ZP2, 6ZWV, 6ZOX, 7C8V, 6XF5, 7CAB, 7K8U, 7JW0, 6M17, 7DCX, 7A91, 7DF4, 7K8Z, 6LZG, 7KE4, 7KE9, 6ZFO, 7KN7, 7K45, 6XC7, 7JMW, 7KZB, 6XM4, 7DK4, 6M1V, 7JJC, 7AD1, 7K4N, 7KJ3, 6W41, 7K8M, 7BEN, 7CHE, 7KMG, 6ZOY, 7KDI, 6ZP5, 6WPT, 7K90, 7KL9, 7KMS, 7L09, 7ND6, 7JWB, 7JZU, 7KEA, 7KNB, 7JV4, 7CWO
Interactors (30)
Accession #Entities Entities Confidence Score Evidence (IntAct)
 UniProt:Q9BYF1 ACE2  5 0.996 161
 UniProt:P0DTC2 S  16 0.982 47
 UniProt:P09958 FURIN  4 0.854 5
 UniProt:Q9NNX6 CD209  1 0.766 6
 UniProt:Q9C0B5 ZDHC5      0.725 5
 UniProt:Q7Z5G4 GOLGA7  3 0.725 5
 UniProt:Q9H2X3 CLC4M      0.71 5
 UniProt:Q96D42 HAVR1      0.667 7
 UniProt:P30530 AXL  2 0.655 9
 UniProt:P35613 BSG  2 0.652 7
 IntAct:EBI-26657218 PEPTIDE      0.645 7
 UniProt:P11021 HSPA5  6 0.644 6
 UniProt:O14786 NRP1  1 0.639 9
 UniProt:Q8IUN9 CLEC10A  1 0.623 4
 ChEBI:28304 HEPARIN      0.623 5
 UniProt:Q96LC7 SIGLEC10  1 0.623 2
 UniProt:P07711 CTSL  8 0.623 3
 cholesterol [ChEBI:16113]  20 0.558 5
 lipopolysaccharide [ChEBI:16412]  5 0.558 3
 UniProt:Q8IUN9-2 CLEC10A      0.558 3
 UniProt:Q61830 Mrc1  4 0.558 2
 UniProt:P35247 SFTPD  4 0.544 3
 UniProt:P00533 EGFR  59 0.537 4
 UniProt:P01130 LDLR  4 0.537 4
 IntAct:EBI-26657222 PEPTIDE      0.525 2
 IntAct:EBI-26657225 PEPTIDE      0.525 2
 linoleic acid [ChEBI:17351]  6 0.522 2
 UniProt:P0DTD1-PRO_0000449625 REP      0.488 2
 UniProt:P0DTD1-PRO_0000449627 REP      0.488 2
 UniProt:P0DTD1-PRO_0000449628 REP      0.488 2
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