Elongation and translocation of the telomeric chromosome end

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Gallus gallus
telomerase RNP:G-strand complex + dNTP => telomerase RNP:G-strand complex with one added single-stranded repeat + pyrophosphate
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TERC directs the sequential addition of nucleotides to the 3' telomeric DNA end. After each addition, the template must move relative to the telomerase active site to bring the next template residue into the active site. The product of these additions and translocations is a chromosomal single-stranded end extended by one repeat unit (complementary to the TERC template sequence), positioned on the template so as to allow repetition of the process. The template region of TERC is perfectly conserved between humans and chickens (Chen et al. 2000). The molecular details of the process have been studied in humans; the orthologous chicken event is inferred from those data.

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telomerase activity of telomerase RNP:G-strand complex [nucleoplasm]

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