Regulation of gene expression by Hypoxia-inducible Factor

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Homo sapiens
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HIF-alpha (HIF1A, HIF2A (EPAS1), HIF3A) is translocated to the nucleus, possibly by two pathways: importin 4/7 (Chachami et al. 2009) and importin alpha/beta (Depping et al. 2008). Once in the nucleus HIF-alpha heterodimerizes with HIF-beta (ARNT) (Wang et al. 1995, Jiang et al. 1996, Tian et al. 1997, Gu et al. 1998, Erbel et al. 2003) and recruits CBP and p300 to promoters of target genes (Ebert and Bunn 1998, Kallio et al. 1998, Ema et al. 1999, Gu et al. 2001, Dames et al. 2002, Freedman et al. 2002).

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