Formation of DSIF:NELF:HIV-1 early elongation complex

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Homo sapiens
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Human immunodeficiency virus 1
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This HIV-1 event was inferred from the corresponding human RNA Pol II transcription event. NELF complex is a ~ 300 kDa multiprotein complex composed of 5 peptides (A - E): ~66,61,59,58 and 46 kDa (Yamaguchi et al 1999). All these peptides are required for NELF-mediated inhibition of Pol II elongation. NELF complex has been reported to bind to the pre-formed DSIF:RNA Pol II complex that may act as a scaffold for its binding. NELF-A is suspected to be involved in Wolf-Hirschhorn syndrome. Binding of DSIF:NELF to RNA Pol II CTD results in abortive termination of early elongation steps by the growing transcripts.

Literature References
PubMed ID Title Journal Year
10199401 NELF, a multisubunit complex containing RD, cooperates with DSIF to repress RNA polymerase II elongation

Takagi, T, Yano, K, Furuya, A, Wada, T, Handa, H, Hasegawa, J, Yamaguchi, Y, Sugimoto, S

Cell 1999
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Human immunodeficiency virus infectious disease DOID:526 HIV infection
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