Activated NOD oligomer recruites RIP2 (RICK)

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NOD1 and NOD2 (NOD) interact with the inflammatory kinase RIP2 (RICK) via a homophilic association between CARD domains (Inohara et al. 1999, Ogura et al. 2001). This has the effect of bringing several RIP2 molecules into close proximity, enhancing RIP2-RIP2 interactions (Inohara et al. 2000), a key step in what is termed the 'Induced Proximity Model' for NOD activation of NFkappaB. Note that though the interaction of every NOD with RIP2 is implied here this may not be required for RIP2 activation. RIP2 recruitment leads to subsequent activation of NFkappaB. The kinase activity of RIP2 was initially described as not required (Inohara et al. 2000) but subsequently suggested to be involved in determining signal strength (Windheim et al. 2007) and recently found to be essential for maintaining RIP2 stability and it's role in mediating NOD signaling (Nembrini et al. 2009).
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