Binding of vRNP:M1:NEP complex to CRM1 export receptor

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Homo sapiens
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Influenza A virus
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Virus NEP/NS2 interacts with human CRM1 (hCRM1), possibly dependent on a nuclear export signal (NES) motif in the NEP/NS2 N-terminal region (O'Neill, 1998; Neumann, 2000). The CRM1/exportin-1 pathway is a cellular mechanism for nuclear export, with CRM1 interacting with the Ran small GTPase and a cargo molecule's leucine-rich NES (Fukuda, 1997; Petosa, 2004). Leptomycin B, which specifically inhibits hCRM1, blocks export of viral RNP (Elton, 2001; Ma, 2001; Watanabe, 2001). Thus, NEP/NS2 interaction with cellular nuclear export machinery is essential for nuclear export of vRNP complexes and influenza virus release. A role for NP protein interaction with export machinery has also been proposed (Elton, 2001).
Literature References
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11118210 Influenza A virus NS2 protein mediates vRNP nuclear export through NES-independent interaction with hCRM1

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