MME:Zn2+ hydrolyses AGT(34-42)

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Neprilysin hydrolyzes Angiotensin-(1-9) to Angiotensin-(1-7)
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Neprilysin (MME aka neutral endopeptidase NEP) hydrolyzes angiotensin-(1-9) (AGT(34-42)) to yield angiotensin-(1-7) (Rice et al. 2004). The hydrolysis of angiotensin-(1-9) catalyzed by neprilysin is more efficient than that catalyzed by angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE) (Rice et al. 2004). MME is the major enzyme involved in the metabolic inactivation of a number of bioactive signaling peptides including the enkephalins, substance P, endothelin, bradykinin, atrial natriuretic factor, and the incretin hormone glucagon-like peptide 1. MME requires zinc as cofactor (Oefner et al. 2004, Oefner et al. 2007).

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metallopeptidase activity of MME:Zn2+ [plasma membrane]

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