MMAB transfers adenosyl group from ATP to cob(I)alamin

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Mitochondrial cob(I)yrinic acid a,c-diamide adenosyltransferase (MMAB) is an enzyme involved in the adenosylation of cobalamin. MMAB transfers an adenosyl group from ATP to cob(I)alamin (B12s) to form adenosylcabalamin (AdoCbl) (Fan & Bobik 2008, Leal et al. 2003). Defects in MMAB cause methylmalonic aciduria type cblB (MMAB aka methylmalonic aciduria type B or vitamin B12-responsive methylmalonicaciduria of cblB complementation type; MIM:251110). Affected individuals have methylmalonic aciduria and metabolic ketoacidosis, despite a functional methylmalonyl-CoA mutase. In severe cases, newborns become severely acidotic and may die if acidosis is not treated promptly (Dobson et al. 2002).

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cob(I)yrinic acid a,c-diamide adenosyltransferase activity of 3xMMAB [mitochondrial matrix]

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