Dissociation of cytosolic HSF1:HSP90:HDAC6:PTGES3 upon sensing protein aggregates

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Proteotoxic stress results in an accumulation of misfolded proteins which tend to form insoluble protein aggregates. Histone deacetylase 6 (HDAC6) binds to ubiquitinated protein aggregates to regulate their degradation (Boyault C et al. 2006). HDAC6 was also found to interact with HSP90 and to regulate HSP90 chaperone complex activity via deacetylation of HSP90 (Kovacs JJ et al. 2005; Boyault C et al. 2007). Binding of HDAC6 to polyubiquitinted proteins triggers the dissociation of the HDAC6:HSP90:HSF1 complex resulting in the activation of HSF1 (Boyault C et al. 2007).

In the absence of stress HSF1 is predominantly monomeric and is thought to be repressed in its inactive monomeric state by the following mechanisms:

  • interaction with chaperone proteins such as HSP90 (Zou J et al.1998; Guo Y et al. 2001)
  • intramolecular coiled-coil interactions between a hydrophobic leucine zipper domain in the carboxyl-terminus of the protein and three amino-terminal leucine zippers, which are required for homotrimerization and transcriptional activation (Rabindran SK et al. 1993; Zuo J et al. 1995)
  • post-translation modifications that include protein acetylation, sumoylation and phosphorylation may also contribute to HSF1 repression (Knauf U et al. 1996; Hietakangas V et al. 2003; Batista-Nascimento L et al. 2011)
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misfolded protein binding activity of HSF1:HSP90:HDAC6:VCP:PTGES3 [cytosol]

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