MLH1:PMS2 makes single strand incision near 1-2 base mismatch

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Homo sapiens
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The latent endonuclease activity of MLH1:PMS2 (MutLalpha) is activated by interaction with MSH2:MSH6 and PCNA (Kadyrov et al 2006). MLH1:PMS2 makes a nick in the replicated strand of DNA. As inferred from yeast, more than one MLH1:PMS2 may bind per MSH2:MSH6 (Hombauer et al. 2011). Strand selection of the nick is determined by interaction with PCNA, though the exact mechanism is unknown (Pluciennik et al 2010).
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endonuclease activity of MLH1:PMS2:MSH2:MSH6:ATP:PCNA:DNA containing 1-2 base mismatch [nucleoplasm]

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