SLX1A:SLX4 binds MUS81:EME1,(MUS81:EME2)

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SLX1A (SLX1) and SLX4 constitutively form a heterodimeric endonucleolytic complex that possesses a robust Holliday junction resolvase activity (Fekairi et al. 2009). SLX1A:SLX4 can form a complex with the MUS81:EME1 (and likely MUS81:EME2) complex, named SLX-MUS, through direct interaction of SLX4 with MUS81 (Fekairi et al. 2009, Wyatt et al. 2013). SLX-MUS is a more efficient and coordinated resolvase of Holliday junctions than SLX1A:SLX4 or MUS81:EME1 (or MUS81:EME2) (Wyatt et al. 2013).

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