PIAS1 SUMOylates SP3 with SUMO2

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PIAS1 SUMOylates SP3 with SUMO2 at lysine-551 (Sapetschnig et al. 2002, Galisson et al. 2011, Tammsalu et al. 2014, Hendriks et al. 2015). SUMOylation reduces the transcription activation capacity of the long and the short isoforms of Sp3 (Sapetschnig et al 2004). Mechanistically, SUMO attachment to Sp3 serves as a molecular beacon for the recruitment of chromatin-modifying machineries that impose epigenetic silencing (inferred from Drosophila homologs in Stielow et al. 2008a, inferred from mouse homologs in Stielow et al. 2008b).
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