ARFGAPs stimulate ARF GTPase activity

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The ARFGAP proteins stimulates ARF GTPase activity, promoting the release of the nascent COPI vesicle from the membrane and release of ARF:ADP (Tanigawa et al, 1993; reviewed in Beck et al, 2009; East and Kahn, 2011). Although this reaction shows their dissociation, it is not clear whether ARFGAPs persist on the COPI vesicle after GTP hydrolysis, nor is it known when GBF is released from the nascent COPI vesicle.

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GTPase activity of RAB1:GTP:GBF1:USO1:ARF:GTP:coatomer:ARFGAP1,2,3:PalmC-YKT6:p24 dimers:cargo:spectrin:ankyrin [endoplasmic reticulum-Golgi intermediate compartment membrane]

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