CDC6 association with ORC(1-6) at replication origins

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CDC6 binds to the origin of replication complex (ORC) by directly interacting with the ORC1 subunit and possibly the ORC2 subunit (Tocilj et al. 2017). CDC6 completes the hexameric ring and the DNA-binding channel of the ORC(1-6) complex, forming an additional ATP hydrolysis site (Tocilj et al. 2017). Formation of the complex between CDC6 and ORC(1-6) is evolutionarily conserved in yeast (Sun et al. 2012; Sun et al. 2013), fruit fly (Bleichert et al. 2015; Bleichert et al. 2018; Schmidt and Bleichert 2020) and human (Tocilj et al. 2017). Interaction of CDC6 with ORC and formation of the pre-replication complex may be facilitated by binding of CDC6 to MCM8 (Volkening and Hoffmann 2005; Wang et al. 2021). MCM8 may simultaneously interact with CDC6 and ORC2 (Volkening and Hoffmann 2005). It is not yet clear if MCM8 primarily functions during replication initiation or replication elongation (Maiorano et al. 2005).
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