TTF-I binds to the Sal Box

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As inferred from mouse cell models, the Transcription termination factor (TTF1, also known as TTF-1 and TTF-I) binds an 18 base pair sequence element known as the Sal Box found in multiple copies in the nontranscribed spacer downstream of the 28S rRNA coding region. This element is the termination signal for ribosomal gene transcription. Binding of TTF1 mediates the pausing of the elongating transcription complex. TTF1 has a relatively low affinity for purified DNA but binds cooperatively to chromatin. Oligomers of TTF1 interact in trans to bind adjacent intergenic regions and form loops of the rDNA. Binding of TTF1 to the Sal Box is also influenced by interaction of TTF1 with TIP5 and possibly other proteins.

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