MBTPS2 (S2P) cleaves CREB3L1

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After cleavage by MBTPS1 (S1P), CREB3L1 (OASIS) is cleaved by MBTPS2, yielding a 60 kDal cytosolic product (S2P) (Denard et al. 2011, Denard et al. 2012, Mellor et al. 2013, Rose et al. 2014, Ward et al. 2016, inferred from mouse homologs). By inference from SREBFs (SREBPs) the cleavage is believed to occur near the cytoplasmic face of the transmembrane domain about amino acid residue 375. The cleavage releases the N-terminal cytoplasmic domain into the cytosol.
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metalloendopeptidase activity of MBTPS2 [Golgi membrane]

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