EPS15 and HGS bind ubiquitinated MET

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EPS15 and HGS (Hrs) both bind MET receptor ubiquitinated by CBL upon HGF stimulation. EPS15 and HGS, which together form a ternary complex with STAM proteins (Bache et al. 2003) are involved in activated MET receptor endocytosis and degradation through the lysosomal route (Hammond et al. 2003). EPS15 can simultaneously interact with ubiquitinated MET and MET-bound GRB2 (Parachoniak et al. 2009). HGS also binds to ubiquitinated LRIG1 and is involved in LRIG1-trigerred lysosomal downregulation of MET in the absence of HGF stimulation (Oh et al. 2014). MET phosphorylates EPS15, HGS and STAM, but the functional significance of this phosphorylation for MET downregulation is not known (Row et al. 2005, Parachoniak et al. 2009).
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