RUNX3 binds TEADs and YAP1

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RUNX3 interacts with both YAP1 and TEAD proteins. The interaction with YAP1 involves the PY motif of RUNX3 and the WW domain of YAP1. The interaction with TEADs involves the Runt domain of RUNX3 and the DNA recognition helix of TEADs. RUNX3 was shown to directly interact with TEAD1 and TEAD4. Based on sequence similarity, it is highly probable that RUNX3 also interacts with TEAD2 and TEAD3. The interaction of RUNX3 with YAP1 and/or TEADs does not prevent formation of the YAP1:TEADs complex (Yagi et al. 1999, Qiao et al. 2015).

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