MyrG-DCUN1D3 binds CRL1 E3 ubiquitin ligase complex

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DCUN1D3 binds to CRL1 ligase complexes to antagonize their neddylation and activation. DCUN1D3 is unique among the DCUN1D family members in that is N-terminally myristolyated, resulting in plasma membrane localization. Binding of DCUN1D3 to CUL1-containing E3 ligase complexes sequesters the cullin complexes at the plasma membrane, inhibiting their DCUN1D1-mediated neddylation (Huang et al, 2014). Although in this reaction DCUN1D3 is shown binding to cullin E3 ligases in complex with COMMD proteins and CCDC22, DCUN1D3 has also been shown to interact with CAND1 and the precise timing of this sequestration binding event remains to be clarified.

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25349211 SCCRO3 (DCUN1D3) antagonizes the neddylation and oncogenic activity of SCCRO (DCUN1D1)

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J. Biol. Chem. 2014
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