RHOU binds effectors at the plasma membrane

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In its active GTP bound form, RHOU binds the following effectors:
ARHGAP30 (Naji et al. 2011; protein with GAP activity)
ARHGAP31 (Naji et al. 2011; protein with GAP activity)
GRB2 (Zhang et al. 2011; Bagci et al. 2020: weak binding)
ITSN2 (Gubar et al. 2020)
NCK2 (Saras et al. 2004; Bagci et al. 2020)
PAK1 (Tao et al. 2001; Shutes et al. 2004; Saras et al. 2004; Bagci et al. 2020)
PAK4 (Dart et al. 2015)
PAR6 (Brady et al. 2009)
PIK3R1 (Chuang et al. 2007; Bagci et al. 2020; protein with GAP activity)
PTK2B (Ruusala and Aspenström 2008)

The following candidate RHOU effectors were identified in the high throughput screen by Bagci et al. 2020:
ARHGEF6 (Bagci et al. 2020)
ARHGEF7 (Bagci et al. 2020)
CDC42 (Bagci et al. 2020)
CLTC (Bagci et al. 2020)
DEPDC1B (Bagci et al. 2020; protein with GAP activity)
DLG5 (Bagci et al. 2020)
DST (Bagci et al. 2020)
EPHA2 (Bagci et al. 2020)
GIT1 (Bagci et al. 2020)
GIT2 (Bagci et al. 2020)
HGS (Bagci et al. 2020)
IQGAP1 (Bagci et al. 2020)
MYO6 (Bagci et al. 2020)
NCK1 (Bagci et al. 2020)
PAK2 (Bagci et al. 2020)
PAK3 (Bagci et al. 2020)
PIK3R2 (Bagci et al. 2020; protein with GAP activity)
PEAK1 (Bagci et al. 2020)
SPTAN1 (Bagci et al. 2020)
SPTBN1 (Bagci et al. 2020)
SRGAP2 (Bagci et al. 2020; protein with GAP activity)
STAM (Bagci et al. 2020)
STAM2 (Bagci et al. 2020)
TXNL1 (Bagci et al. 2020)
USP9X (Bagci et al. 2020)
VANGL1 (Bagci et al. 2020)
WDR6 (Bagci et al. 2020)
WWP2 (Bagci et al. 2020)

RHOU does not bind WASL, a component of the WIP WASP complex (Bagci et al. 2020) and also does not bind:
CCP110 (Bagci et al. 2020)
CEP97 (Bagci et al. 2020)
MAP3K21 (Bagci et al. 2020)
MYH11 (Bagci et al. 2020)
MYL12B (Bagci et al. 2020)
SH3RF1 (Bagci et al. 2020)
TPM3 (Bagci et al. 2020)
TPM4 (Bagci et al. 2020)
ZNF512B (Bagci et al. 2020)
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