ADORA2B mediated anti-inflammatory cytokines production

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Homo sapiens
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The natural ligand for adenosine receptor A2B (ADORA2B) is extracellular adenosine (Ad-Rib), formed from the reduction of ATP by ENTDPases. ATP enters the extracellular space in response to parasite infection, tissue injury, apoptosis amongst other stress factors and has chemotactic and excitatory effects (Cekic et al.2016).

The reduction of ATP to Ade Rib is thought to be a regulatory mechanism by which the synthesis of anti inflammatory cytokines is induced. In addition, killing mechanisms are switched off (Figueiredo et al. 2016). Accordingly, increased expression of ADORA2B in monocytes correlates with higher Leishmania donovani parasites loads alongside increment of IL10 production (Vijayamahantesh et al. 2016). Exacerbation of lesion development in L. amazonensis infected mice also correlated with high amounts of Ade Rib (Figueiredo et al. 2016).
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