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Conivaptan (YM087, brand name Vaprisol) (Tahara et al. 1998, 1998b) and tolvaptan (trade names Samsca, Jinarc) (Schrier et al. 2006) are non-peptide inhibitors of the vasopressin receptors AVPR1A and AVPR2. They are used to treat hyponatremia (low blood sodium levels) (Greenberg & Verbalis 2006). They function by antagonizing AVPR2 receptors in the renal collecting ducts thus causing aquaresis (water secretion) but without electrolyte loss. AVPV2 receptor antagonists may also be useful in the treatment of polycystic kidney disease (PKD) (Belibi et al. 2004, Poch et al. 2018). Satavaptan was under investigation in clinical trials for the prevention of ascites (Soupart et al. 2006) and hyponatremia (Gines et al. 2008) but development has been discontinued. Lixivaptan is a potent, non-peptide, selective AVPR2 antagonist (Albright et al. 1998) that shows promise in treating heart failure in patients with hyponatremia (Abraham et al. 2008, Liamis et al. 2014).

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