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Migraine is the most common neurological disorder. First- and second-generation calcitonin gene-related peptide (CALCR) receptor antagonists, collectively named gepants, is a class of drugs primarily developed for the acute treatment of migraine. Olcegepant was the first potent and selective non-peptide antagonist of CALCR, formulated the treatment of migraine. In a phase II clinical trial, olcegepant reduced the severity of headache in 60% of migraine sufferers (Recober & Russo 2007). Telcagepant (Chan et al. 2010, Croop et al. 2019), rimegepant (Luo et al. 2012) and ubrogepant (Dodick et al. 2019) are CALCR antagonists that all demonstrate clinical efficacy in the treatment of acute migraine. Atogepant has a longer half-life than other gepants, and is in early phase development for migraine prevention (Chan & Goadsby 2019).
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