SCN9A:SCN1B,2B,4B transports Na+ from the extracellular region to the cytosol

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Homo sapiens
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SCN9A in combination with a regulatory beta subunit responds to depolarization by opening and passively transporting sodium ions according to the concentration gradient from the extracellular region to the cytosol (Klugbauer et al. 1995, Cummins et al. 2004, Cox et al. 2006, Estacion et al. 2009, Korner et al. 2018, Sokolov et al. 2018). In mouse type II taste cells, initial depolarization at the apex of the cell is believed to cause an activation potential via Scn2a, Scn3a, and Scn9a located at the basolateral membrane (Gao et al. 2009).
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sodium channel activity of SCN9A:SCN1B,2B,4B [plasma membrane]

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