Sweet compound binds sweet taste receptor (TAS1R2:TAS1R3)

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Homo sapiens
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Sweet taste compounds (tastants) bind the sweet taste receptor, which is a heterodimer of TAS1R2 and TAS1R3 (Li et al. 2002, Liu et al. 2011, Bassoli et al. 2014, Maillet et al. 2015, Shim et al. 2015). The binding causes a conformational change in TAS1R2:TAS1R3 that is transmitted to an associated heterotrimeric G protein complex comprising GNAT3:GNB1,3:GNG13. Sweet tastants include sucrose, glucose, maltose, aspartame (Liu et al. 2011, Maillet et al. 2015), saccharin, and certain D amino acids such as D-tryptophan (Bassoli et al. 2014). Umami (savory) compounds such as L-glutamate inhibit sweet taste by preventing sweet tastants from binding TAS1R2 (Shim et al. 2015). Knockout of Tas1r3 in mice does not abolish the ability to taste sweet and umami compounds indicating that other pathways also exist to detect these compounds (Damak et al. 2003, Delay et al. 2006, Yasumatsu et al. 2009).
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