CES1,CES2 hydrolyze ASA- to ST

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CES1 and CES2 hydrolyze acetylsalicylate (ASA-) in hepatic cells. Although ASA- is also hydrolyzed to salicylate (ST) without enzymatic assistance, this process is rather slow (Rowland et al, 1972; Dressman et al, 2012). In gastrointestinal mucosa cells the predominant esterase is carboxylesterase 2 (CES2) (Imai et al, 2006), and in liver it has significant activity. In liver the main aspirin esterase is CES1, with minor presence of CES2 (Inoue et al, 1980; Imai et al, 2006; Schwer et al, 1997). Both enzymes hydrolyze ASA-, producing acetate and ST (Tang et al, 2006; Imai, 2006; Lian et al, 2017).
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Catalyst Activity

carboxylic ester hydrolase activity of CES1 trimer, CES2 [endoplasmic reticulum lumen]

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