SLC29A3 transports RBV,RBV-TP from cytosol to mitochondrial matrix

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Homo sapiens
SLC29A3 imports RBV,RBV-TP to mitochondria
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Equilibrative nucleoside transporter 3 (ENT3, SLC29A3) is an intracellular transporter involved in mitochondrial import of ribavirin (RBV) and RBV-TP (Hu et al, 2006; Govindarajan et al, 2009). Mitochondrial import of RBV appears to be a factor contributing to mitochondrial toxicity in patients treated with both RBV and highly active antiretrovirals (HAART) (Reiberger et al, 2010).
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nucleoside transmembrane transporter activity of SLC29A3 [mitochondrial outer membrane]

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