ABCB1 transports PREDN,PREDL out of kidney cells

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ABCB1 (also known as MDR1, P-glycoprotein, or PGP) is the best characterized xenobiotic transporter of the ABC transporter family (Gottesman and Pastan 1988). The presence of 11-, 17-, and 21-hydroxyl groups appears to be a critical determinant for transport efficiency of steroids by ABCB1. Prednisone (PREDN) contains the 17-, and prednisolone (PREDL) both the 17- and 21-hydroxy group, and both molecules are effectively exported out of cells expressing ABCB1 with reduced intracellular accumulation and toxicity (Yates et al, 2003).
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ATPase-coupled transmembrane transporter activity of ABCB1 [plasma membrane]

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