Expression of PRDM1 in primordial germ cells

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PR domain zinc finger protein 1 (PRDM1, also called BLIMP1) is expressed during specification of human PGCs in vitro (Irie et al. 2015, Sasaki et al. 2015, Kojima et al. 2017, Fang et al. 2020, Kojima et al. 2021, Tang et al. 2022). Expression of SOX17 precedes expression of PRDM1 (Irie et al. 2015). TFAP2C also acts upstream of PRDM1, unlike the case in mice (Kojima et al. 2017). SOX17 and TFAP2C bind the PRDM1 gene and activate expression during specification of PGCs in vitro (Kojima et al. 2017, Tang et al. 2022). PRDM1 functions primarily as a transcription repressor to repress somatically expressed genes (Irie et al. 2015, Sasaki et al. 2015, Tang et al. 2022).
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