Formation of the NSL complex

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WDR5 is a subunit of an evolutionarily conserved lysine acetyltransferase Non-Specific-Lethal (NSL) complex together with the following proteins: KAT8 (also known as MOF) as the catalytic subunit, KANSL1-3 (also known as NSL1-3), MCRS1, HCFC1 (also known as Host cell factor 1 or HCF1), and one of the paralogous proteins: PHF20 or PHF20-like 1 (PHF20L1) (Smith et al, 2005; Cai et al, 2010; Van et al 2022). The NSL complex is responsible for the acetylation of lysine K5, K8, K12, and K16 of histone H4 (Smith et al, 2005; Cai et al, 2010; Zhao et al, 2013; Radzisheuskaya et al., 2021). The NSL complex binds to the promoters of house-keeping genes and regulates their expression (Radzisheuskaya et al., 2021), therefore in some contexts, it is essential for the viability and proliferation of human cells (Klein et al, 2016; Radzisheuskaya et al., 2021).
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