DELE1(143-515) binds EIF2AK1 (HRI)

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Homo sapiens
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The C-terminal fragment of cleaved DELE1 interacts with EIF2AK1 (HRI) in the cytosol (Fessler et al. 2020, Guo et al. 2020, Cheng et al. 2022). The interaction activates the kinase activity of EIF2AK1 (Fessler et al. 2020, Guo et al. 2020, Cheng et al. 2022) through a mechanism that may involve oligomerization of DELE1 that serves os a scaffold for EIF2AK1 binding and autophosphorylation (Yang et al. 2023). Activated EIF2AK1 then phosphorylates EIF2S1, a subunit of the EIF2alpha complex that participates in translation initiation (Fessler et al. 2020, Guo et al. 2020, Cheng et al. 2022). Phosphorylation of EIF2S1 causes a decrease in general translation and an increase in translation of specific mRNAs, such as DDIT3 (CHOP) and ATF4, that contain upstream open reading frames (Fessler et al. 2020, Guo et al. 2020, Cheng et al. 2022).
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