NPM1-ALK- and p-STAT3-dependent IRF4 gene expression

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STAT3 binds to the IRF4 promoter downstream of NPM-ALK to promote IRF4 gene expression (Bandini et al, 2018; Marzec et al, 2013; Piva et al, 2010; Kasprzycka et al, 2006; Durant et al, 2010). IRF4 is a member of the interferon regulatory factor family of transcription factors that is expressed in immune cells response to activation of T-cell or B-cell receptors, IL-4 and CD40 signaling (reviewed in Wong et al, 2022). IRF4 expression downstream of NPM-ALK signaling is required for proliferation and survival, possibly through induction of MYC gene expression (Bandini et al, 2018; Weilemann et al, 2015).
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