MITF-M-dependent DIAPH1 expression

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Through its direct binding and activation of DIAPH1 gene expression, MITF-M affects processes of proliferation and invasiveness in melanoma and normal melanocyte cells (Carreira et al, 2006; reviewed in Hou and Pavan, 2008; Goding and Arnheiter, 2019).
DIAPH1 is a formin protein that affects the actin cytoskeleton at least in part through RAC (Tsuji et al, 2002). Depletion of MITF in melanoma cells results in decreased expression of DIAPH1 and an aberrant F-actin organization including a rounded cell morphology that is rescued by expression of DIAPH1 (Carreira et al, 2006). High DIAPH1 levels are associated with high levels of the F-box protein SKP2, which promotes the degradation of the cell cycle inhibitor CDKN1B (p27kip1), thus stimulating cellular proliferation (Carrano et al, 1999; Tsvetkov et al, 1999; Mammoto et al, 2004). Consistent with this, depletion of MITF in melanoma cells is associated with a CDKN1B (p27kip1)-dependent cell cycle arrest (Carreira et al, 2006).
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