FOXa2/HNF3b-, MafA-, and PAX6-dependent synthesis of Pdx1 protein

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FOXa2/HNF3b-, MafA-, and PAX6-dependent synthesis of Pdx1 protein

Binding of FOXa2/HNF3-beta to the 5'-flanking regions of the human, mouse and rat Pdx1 gene has been observed in vitro and in transient transfection studies (Sharma et al. 1997; Wu et al, 1997; Marshak et al. 2000; Gerrish et al. 2000; Ben-Shushan et al. 2001). Specifically, Foxa2 binding to the mouse Pdx1 distant enhancer region was shown in pancreatic beta-cells by ChIP analysis (Samaras et al. 2002). Moreover, the distant 5' flanking region of the Pdx1 gene containing a high-affinity binding site for FOXa2 is sufficient to drive beta-cell specific expression in transgenic mice (Samaras et al. 2002), and beta-cell specific ablation of Foxa2 results in down-regulation of Pdx1 mRNA and protein levels (Lee et al. 2002).

In vitro binding of MafA to a conserved 5'-flanking region of the Pdx1 and transactivation of this gene were observed in cultured beta-cell lines (Samaras et al. 2003). Deletion of MafA in mice causes decreased Pdx1 expression (Zhang et al, 2005).

Mutational analysis of the same 5'-flanking region that MafA binds on the Pdx1 gene in cultured beta-cells, indicates that PAX6 binds and transactivates Pdx1 (Samaras et al. 2002).

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