Hoxa4 gene is transcribed

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Mus musculus
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Hoxa4 gene is transcribed

The Hoxa4 gene is transcribed to yield mRNA (Behringer et al. 1993, Packer et al. 1998, Packer et al. 2000). MicroRNAs miR-196a-2, miR-196b, and miRNA miR-222 target Hoxa4 mRNA untranslated regions (Arnold et al. 2011). Hoxa4 mRNA is observed in rhombomere 7 (Morrison et al. 1997), mesoderm including somites, lung, and kidney (Behringer et al. 1993, Packer et al 1998, Packer et al. 2000), rostral-dorsal stomach, rostral prececal gut, and large intestine (Pitera et al. 1999).

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