p-Stat5 dissociates from Epo:p-8Y-Epor:p-12Y-Jak2:Lyn:Irs2

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Mus musculus
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p-Stat5 dissociates from Epo:p-8Y-Epor:p-12Y-Jak2:Lyn:Irs2

After being phosphorylated, phospho-Stat5 (Stat5a or Stat5b) dissociates from the Epo:Epor complex, dimerizes, and transits to the nucleus where it activates transcription of target genes (Penta and Sawyer 1995, Klingmuller et al. 1996, Yamamura et al. 1998, Tsuji-Takayama et al. 2006).

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