Telomere clustering at the nuclear membrane

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Mus musculus
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Telomere clustering at the nuclear membrane
As sections of the axial elements form, the telomeres migrate to one site on the inner nuclear membrane to form the telomere bouquet (Scherthan et al. 1996). A current model shows the synaptonemal complex interacting with Sun1 and Sun2, which span the inner membrane and bind Nesprin-1 and Nesprin-2, which span the outer membrane and bind cytoplasmic actin (Padmakumar et al. 2005, Ding et al. 2007, Schmitt et al. 2007). Lamin-B1 and Lamin-C2 are located adjacent to the attachment plate on the inner membrane (Padmakumar et al. 2005, Schmitt et al. 2007).
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