Recruitment of Brca1 to Unsynapsed Regions

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Recruitment of Brca1 to Unsynapsed Regions
Unsynapsed regions of chromosomes are silenced during pachytene by a process called Meiotic Silencing of Unsynapsed Chromatin (MSUC) and, in the case of the X and Y chromosomes, Meiotic Sex Chromosome Inactivation (MSCI). Unsynapsed meiotic chromatin recruits Brca11 (Turner et al. 2004, Turner et al. 2005, Mahadevaiah et al. 2008, Kouznetsova et al. 2009). The recruitment requires Sycp3 of axial elements of the synaptonemal complex, which may remain exposed in unsynapsed regions (Kouznetsova et al. 2009).
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