Myc gene expression is enhanced by E2f1, phospho-Stat3, and Cebpb and repressed by Cebpa

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Mus musculus
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Myc gene expression is enhanced by E2f1, phospho-Stat3, and Cebpb and repressed by Cebpa

E2f1, phospho-Stat3, and Cebpb bind the promoter of the Myc gene and enhance transcription (Zhang et al. 2010) while Cebpa interacts with E2f1 to suppress transcription (Porse et al. 2001, Porse et al. 2005, Kowenz-Leutz et al. 2016). Cebpb reduces the residency of Cebpa at the Myc promoter (Zhang et al. 2010). Cebpb appears to inhibit expression of Myc less than Cebpa does, thus the ratio of Cebpb and Cebpa is believed to determine the proliferation (promoted by Cebpb) and differentiation (promoted by Cebpa) of neutrophil progenitors (Zhang et al. 2010).

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