Csf3 dimer:2xp-4Y-Csf3r:Lyn:p-Jak1:p-Jak2:p-Syk:p-Hck:p-Tyk2 binds Stat1,3,5

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Csf3 dimer:2xp-4Y-Csf3r:Lyn:p-Jak1:p-Jak2:p-Syk:p-Hck:p-Tyk2 binds Stat1,3,5
The Stat proteins Stat1 (de Koning et al 1996, Nicholson et al. 1996), Stat3 (de Koning et al. 1996, Nicholson et al. 1996, Chakraborty et al. 1999, Ward et al. 1999, de Koning et al. 2000), and Stat5 (Stat5a and Stat5b) (Nicholson et al. 1996) bind phosphotyrosines of the cytosolic domain of Csf3r. A mechanism for Stat activation that is independent of phosphotyrosines may also exist (Nicholson et al. 1996).
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